One side is the USA. 10 cups in a triangle shape like in beer pong with the cups not very full. The other side is Vietnam, with 10 cups placed randomly scattered around their entire half of the table, and all 10 cups are full. If Vietnam makes a shot, someone on the US side drinks the cup and refills it (only a few sips like in beer pong). If the US makes a shot, someone on the Vietnam side drinks the whole cup and that cup is taken off the table (now only 9 on the Vietnam side). The game goes until the US gives up (like in real life) or lands all 10 on the Vietnam side. Both sides get drunk because it is easy for Vietnam to make a shot, but that cup gets refilled and not taken away, while the US rarely makes a shot but when they do Vietnam has to drink a full beer.

It’s a fun and somewhat historically accurate and original game.

… I want to play.. so badly.